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DS-80 Bearing inner ring and outer ring turning automatic production line

  The turning automatic production line for inner and outer rings of bearing is made by Zhejiang Dongsheng precision Machinery Co.,Ltd.Adopting electromechanical,hydraulic and pneumatic processing technology.

  Application:The production line can be formed with flexible combined shape,automatic or semiautomatic shape and different lengths according to different requirements of the customers. The connection between machine tools can be made through conveying feeding passage.
  Automation:A program logic control system(PLC) is supplied for automatic operation.After blank being fed into feed bin,the equipment can carry out systematic processing; and 2-3 operators shall carry out check for processing parts.The production line is also equipped with special auxiliary machine to carry out automatic monitor,classification ,and counting for parts processed on by one.

  Efficency:Monthly output with 3-shifts is 0.5-0.6 million,turning speed 2.5-3.5 s per set.
  Precision and reliability:All corollary fittings purchased externally come from Japan,including high quality quenching workbench, high precision spindle module,perfect box body design,changeable fixture,trouble alarming monitoring device and high quality cutter to ensure the production line to operate stable and reliably,high precision of processing parts and small diversity of processing size.

  The ball bearing intemal ring turning flow-line is a special equipment for turning of mid- and mini- size inner and outer rings. Its main processing object is 628-6213 model bearing etc.The processing of bearing internal and external rings in various working procedure is fulfilled by the flow-line,which is composed of multi units of main machine with single function and various auxiliary machines,through slide connecting line. The flow-line is suitable for mass production of ball bearing internal and external rings.The main machine mainly undertakes the processing of lathing internal hole,end-surface trough,chamfer and separation of internal and external rings,lathing middle groove and side groove of internal and external rings.The auxiliary machine consists of disc feeding machine,elevator and crusher(consol and horizontal type),iron surf crusher etc.Integrating electromechanical,pneumatic and hydraulic processing together,the flow-line possesses the characteristics of automatic feeding, processing and blanking, high automation degree,short processing period,processing according to different raw materials and customers requirements,flexible combination shapes,automatic or semiautomatic flow-line with different lengths.Its processing precision reaches to 0.01mm, and the processing technology has reached the Japanese advanced level in the nineties of the 20th century.The characteristics of its various parts are:

    With strong unitary type box body,it adopts two-point supporting way of pairing back to back conic combined bearing at front end,and hith precision pairing angle-contact bearing at back part.The bearing is lubricated with high grade lubrication grease so as to keep the optimal working state when spindle rotating at high speed.
    Experiencing partial heat treatment and high precision milling,the workbench has higher intensity and rigidity,meanwhile it adopts an automatic lubricant dosing system to keep better slideway matching performance.
  3,lathe bed
    Being of unitary type structure,enough rigidity and anti-vibration performance can be ensured when processing at high speed cut and high precision.In addition, large capacity design of 60 L for internal oil box can effectively prevent oil temperature from rising when working.
  4,workpiece fixture
    With simple fixture,it can align automatically for processing workpieces,moreover its replacement is very convenient.
  5,Electric,hydeaulic and pneumatic parts
    All electric,hydraulic and pneumatic components adopt imported ones,and possess the advantages of long service life,low noise,stable operation and reliable sue.
  6,Machining precision
    In addition to keeping the machining precision of workpiece to be unchangeable,the installing and fixing device for workpieces can make reaction for some abnormal conditions when installing fixture. If fixture is not level and stable when installing it,and unbalance state appeared,the processing shall automatically stop, thus the desing is more perfect.。
  7,Main parameters
    Spindle motor power:1.5-7.5kg
    Rotary speed of spindle:800-2500r/min
    Lateral advancing and radial direction beating: less than 0.005mm
    Processing beat:2.5-5 seconds
    Main engine weight: ≈1200kg
    Machining range:I.D.φ8-65mm,O.D.φ120mm,max width:30mm
    Feeding rate:Vertical quick moving speed 5m/s,vertical slow moving speed 0-1m/s,horizontal moving speed 0-3 m/s

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