Trend of CNC grinder -- transformation to form grinding
Column:FAQ Time:2018-09-05
Nowadays, the development trend of CNC grinding machine is turning to shape, step, cutting, rapid jitter, three-dimensional space curve surface grinding.

Nowadays, the development trend of CNC grinding machine is turning to shape, step, cutting, rapid jitter, three-dimensional space curve surface grinding. It can be said that flat grinding is the largest potential machine for grinding machine. China's CNC grinding machine manufacturers should jump out of the traditional thinking of surface grinding, to curve or contour and other non-surface grinding ideas for further development, in order to form our own characteristics of the technology and products.

Development trend of CNC grinder

1. From the specifications, small flat grinding is the main method. Almost 50% of the machine tools with a mesa width of less than 200 mm are small, so it is convenient to transport and distribute small size machine tools. The precision of foreign flat grinding machine tools is easy to do very high compared with small size machine tools, regardless of ordinary, precision and high precision grades. In the international market, the potential demand for medium and small size flat grinding is very large.

2. From the control point of view, more than 70% of the CNC type, there are single-axis, double-axis and three-axis CNC, up to five-axis control, especially more than 400 large-scale models, all of the CNC type. Due to the change of function caused by the development of technology level, the flat grinding has changed from the traditional surface grinding to the forming grinding, and the conventional control has been difficult to achieve the functional requirements. CNC grinding machine has become a market trend.

3. Functionally, more than 50% of flat grinding is not only used for horizontal surface machining, but also for surface grinding such as forming, step, cut-in, rapid jitter and three-dimensional space curve.

Two, the development of CNC grinder presents four changes.

1. High speed, compound, high precision and high rigidity are still the main keynote of the development of metal cutting machine tools, but there are new changes. Compound, from the original composite and composite to practical and efficient considerations, such as turning, milling, turning, milling, drilling, milling machine and spark composite; from the functional point of view, the composite machine tool has strong pertinence, for a certain kind of parts; from the accuracy point of view, positioning accuracy < 2 micron, repetitive positioning accuracy < 2 micron Machine tools with (+ 1 micron) are everywhere; from the spindle speed point of view, 8.2 kW spindle up to 60 000 R / min, 13 kW up to 42 000 R / min, high speed is no longer a special feature of low power spindle; from the rigidity point of view, there has been a machining center for processing 60 HRC hardness materials.

2, modular design has been applied in machine tool manufacturing. The modular design of transverse series, longitudinal series, full series and span series, whether it is Japanese machine tools represented by Ogawa and Muno, or American machine tools represented by Haas and Cincinnati, looks exactly the same in appearance, but functions are totally different. Many of the modules made up of surface grinders are universal.

3, the concept of automation has changed. The traditional automatic machine tool uses a pneumatic or hydraulic manipulator to realize the automatic loading and unloading of the workpiece, and now uses a real multi-joint serial robot to achieve the loading and unloading of the workpiece, including the stacking of completed parts. The scope of control is increased, the flexibility of the line is strengthened, and the auxiliary machinery is greatly reduced.

4, environmental protection requirements are getting higher and higher. In the exhibits, most of the machine tool products are completely enclosed shell, absolutely no chip or cutting fluid splashing phenomenon. On the other hand, the exhibition of a large number of industrial cleaning machines and cutting fluid treatment systems also reflects the growing demand for environmental protection in modern manufacturing.

Three, design innovation.

1. Surface grinder is the most potential machine tool in grinding machine.

In addition to the traditional surface grinding function, based on the flat grinding machine bed, trailer, table surface, grinding head and other large pieces, can evolve into cylindrical, curved, tool, centerless and other grinders. After completing the perfection of flat grinding specification series, our country should go beyond the traditional thinking of plane grinding to the thinking of non-plane grinding such as curve or contour to further develop, and form our own characteristics of technology and products.

2. Modular design will be a main line throughout the whole process of product design, whether it is the trend of machine tool technology development or the requirements of market competition; whether it is the need to reduce costs, or the need to improve product quality, we are required to do a good job in the future product development and design modular design.

3, the development of the world CNC grinding machine industry is fundamentally the development of design innovation concept. Traditional metal cutting principles, with a new modern design concept, combined with advanced control technology.

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